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Royal Gold Basement Mix

Part Number 2527
Royal Gold Basement Mix
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Royal Gold has developed Basement Mix over a three year period of extensive field research throughout Humboldt County. Using farmers, gardeners and laboratory analyses we have developed the highest quality organic soil-less mix available on the market. Light charged with organic nutrients and the proper ratios of air to moisture. All known components were sampled for a soil-less mix, and by hand selecting the best, we insure top quality. As each component plays an important role in the quality and consistency of the end product, proportions are measured and mixed with state of the art equipment, which insures premium quality in each bag. Basement Mix works excellent in beds and containers of all kinds. Basement mix ingredients: coco fiber, coco chips, lava rock, earthworm castings, (rice hulls, straw, manure, grape pomace, and cocoa hulls) composted chicken manure, fish bone meal, bat and seabird guano, kelp meal, silica, alfalfa meal, humic acid derived from leonardite.