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Lesson Plan Links

This wonderful website is by educators, for educators and it provides multi-curriculum, hydroponic lessons for grades K-12

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Three detailed lessons for middle grade which incorporate Power Point presentations and include a worksheet/questionnaire.

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A basic and inexpensive lesson plan for grades 4 and 5 which incorporates science, math, vocabulary and team building.

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You will love this one!  A vast and enjoyable site; in addition to lesson plans for all grade levels, you’ll find classroom projects, ideas for family gardens, grant programs and many links to additional resources.

This site has several system plans to choose from, click a link below to "Get What I Need"

Basic Wick

Milk Carton & Rockwool

Soda Bottle Aeration

Floating Styrofoam Raft

Basic Ebb and Flow

Simple Straw Aeration


A very basic system and lesson plan which could be modified to suit K-MG.

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Detailed HS lesson plan which delves into hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture and permaculture.  It is a three week classroom project.  Materials are inexpensive and a comprehensive worksheet is provided.


This site does not have lesson plans but it has excellent illustrations and descriptions of the different types of systems and growing mediums commonly used.  MG-HS


Detailed four week, class project lesson plan which looks into environmental factors on plants and include system designs which can be varied from an ultra-inexpensive and simplistic wick system to super high tech, as suited to your students and budget. MG-HS

This site has several system plans to choose from, click a link below to "Get What I Need"

"No Tech" Method

Germination Tray Method

Hydroponics in a Tub Method

Low Tech Method

Raft Method

Ebb and Flow System

Ebb and Flow Table

High Tech: Method One

A three week classroom project for grades 9-12.  Materials are inexpensive and students work in groups so it also teaches team building.

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A PDF download from Cornell University of a ten week curriculum designed for MG but easily adapted for older or younger.

Download of inexpensive and very basic lesson plan which could be modified to fit K-5.

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